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Strategy & Implementation

Your data has been reviewed, we have given advice, and the most efficient options are available. Now it's time to get to business. Let the implementation and management of your mobility plan tailored to your company's needs begin. Are you in need of more advice? Is there no fleet manager in your business? Not to worry, we can manage the mobility of your company!
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Mobility Policy

Complete, bright and clear!

We help you build a clear and complete mobility policy tailored to the company.

The mobility policy is a tool to confirm the agreements between employer and employee.

Mobility Management

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Get more from your mobility without time-consuming research and painstakingly intensive tasks. At TCOFLEET, we take all your worries while leaving you in control. The management of your mobility by TCOFLEET comes with some extras:

  • Analysis of your company, employees, and mobility

  • Tailor-made strategies and evaluations

  • User-friendly TCO tools

  • Actions that are fast, efficient, and tangible

  • A professional look at your mobility​

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Do you want to optimize your current contracts?

TCOFLEET focuses on experience and innovation. We color outside the lines when it comes to ingenuity, groundbreaking innovation and groundbreaking applications. We provide peace of mind and confidence through our knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Market insightsThanks to the knowledge, experience and professionalism that the TCOFLEET team invests in, we keep our finger on the pulse of innovation, new players on the market, groundbreaking innovations and groundbreaking applications.

Different types of suppliers

  • Lease companies

  • Charging stations

  • Fuel suppliers

  • Alternative mobility platforms

  • ....

Independent partners

As an independent partner, TCOFLEET helps to compare between the various existing and new suppliers.


"Communication is the key to succes!"


A thorough needs analysis helps to create a clear picture


A clear roadmap clarifies the objectives and timing. So that expectations can be followed.


We will start with the roadmap as a guideline. 




We will start by getting to know each other through a presentation about TCOFLEET and by asking essential questions to understand your company. Based on our initial meeting, we will prepare a price offer that you will receive for consideration.



We respond quickly and immediately get to work in the internal transport kitchen of your company. Our trump cards lie in direct action. We draw up a road map, map out the strengths and risks, discuss the initial ideas and draw up an evaluation in a few weeks' time.



We consider the long-term objectives using the roadmap and install all the necessary mobility platforms. While maintaining the DNA of your company, we ensure that the operational takeover and switch to the new strategies are done smoothly. With a thoroughly professional framework, your mobility can once again take off. 

TCOFLEET has already calculated the Total Cost of Ownership of more than 400.000 vehicles 
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