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Analysis of your mobility

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Step 1 of sound fleet management always starts with an analysis of the current situation. Why? The total cost or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO amount) includes more than the purchase of a vehicle. Maintenance, fuel, tax charges, residual values, subscriptions, leasing costs ... do not always make a cheap purchase the best purchase.

Car catalogue based on your parameters

Based on your parameters (brand policy, discounts, duration, kilometers, etc.) and tailor-made vehicle quotes, we create a dynamic car catalogue.

A clear and tangible representation of the total analysis per vehicle in one document.


Changes in the budget? Our catalog responds to this in a useful way. We look at the current situation and the future-oriented evolution in the mobility landscape. With the necessary insights on ecological, budgetary and fiscal levels, you are always one step ahead of the rapidly changing world.

Collect fleet data


Detail report






Benefits of a
current fleet analysis

Mapping current costs

Overview of costs

The cost of your current fleet serves as a guide for future budgets....


Get an overview of which makes and models are most common.

Make and model

A handy overview of which cars need to be replaced in which year.


Any questions?

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