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Federal mobility budget

Do you know the pillars and benefits of the Federal Mobility Budget? The world is evolving rapidly and your company mobility needs to keep up. Let TCOFLEET assist you in implementing the Federal Mobility Budget within your company.

Benefits of the federal mobility budget

Flexible salary
Fewer stationary vehicles
Employee happiness

In pillar 2, the employee can spend his budget on sustainable means of transport .

If you meet the conditions, you can even opt to pay housing costs such as a loan or rent with the Federal Mobility Budget.

Pillar 2

Pillar 3 is the remaining budget that was not used in pillars 1 and 2. After deduction of taxes (38.07%), this amount is deposited into the employee's account in the following year.

Pillar 3

In pillar 1, the employee can choose to include an environmentally friendly car in his budget.

Pillar 1

In 2019, the Belgian government introduced the Federal Mobility Budget.

It allows employees to exchange their company car for a budget, a mobility budget.

The calculation for the Federal Mobility Budget can be done in two ways: real or actual .

Each calculation method is associated with conditions that must be taken into account.

The budget is expressed in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This amount can be spent in 3 pillars:

What is the federal mobility budget?

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